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  • Product Name : Marble block cutter for cutting stone
    Size : DS1600
    Country of Origin : Xiamen,Fujian,China
    Contact : Elaine Lai (miss) Leave a message Leave a message

  • Marble block cutter DS1600

    Basic Info:

    Marble block cutter with horizontal blade to saw the block into slabs suitable for marble, limestone and sandstone. 

    The machine is made of cast iron and works automatically by computer program and also capable of manual operation.

    The cutter head goes left and right to saw the block into slabs and when one slab is finished the bridge beam moves backward to start the next slab cutting automatically.

    Also both the vertical blade and horizontal blade are working so it is easier to make the cut-through and get off the slab.

    The bridge beam is very strong and also locked when cutting that provides excellent balance when working.


    Max. blade size

    Φ1600 mm  63”

    Max. cut length

    3200 mm  126”

    Max. cut width

    2200 mm  87”

    Lift stroke

    1100/1350 mm  43”/53”

    Spindle motor

    75/90 Kw  102/122 HP

    Horizontal blade

    Φ400 mm  16”

    Horizontal blade motor

    15 Kw  20 HP

    Water consumption

    8 m3/h

    Size (L×W×H)

    7×4.3×3.8 m


    11,500 Kg

    About US:
    AGA has been devoting to making machinery for processing and fabrication of marble granite and providing reliable. the products include bridge saw, block cutter, polishing machine as well as equipments for other construction stones. the equipments have been successfully exported to world stone market in usa, canada, europe, mid east, egypt, india, etc.
    *Our team is always available to answer to your questions and requests about  buying stone and concrete splitting machinery.
    *Before and after the purchase, AGA offers precision, power and personalized support, no matter where in the world the requirement is found.
    *Please feel free to call or email us for any questions you may have.
    what app/mobil.e: +86 18259462283